MDA 80th celebration

MD80-LGO1The Mount Douglas Secondary Community celebrated the 80th Anniversary of our school's opening. The celebrations began November 11, 2011 and continued through November 19th with incredible opportunities to connect with everyone and everything that has made Mount Doug the 'best kept secret' in the city, if not in BC. Join the Mount Doug Alumni Association now so you can receive our email updates as we move forward.

After great performances by all 5 Idol finalists, Kale Penny took the top spot with his rendition of 'Billy Jean'.



Thanks to everyone on the MD80th Celebration Committee!

Shawn Boulding
Les Bryan
Bill Conconi
Ron Crocker
Wendy Gedney
Andy Glover
Dama Hanks
Pat Hocker
John Howe
Linda Johnstone

John Juricic
Sang Kiet Ly
Elaine Kao
Pat Lanman
Carrie Loy
Michael Marshall
Karen Mayer
Kirsten Mawle
Gayle McDonald

Len Michaux
Ellen Price
Vicki Prince
Mark Reed
Kevin Sing
Esmond S. Shong
Fran Thomas
Carol Williams
Sue Williams

Time to give back! 

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