MDA 85th Celebration

In November of 2016 Mount Doug celebtated its 85th with a combination of events. 

  • DOUGS Talks - alumni, staff & students speak about their passions
  • MUSIC - students & alumni performing
  • ART - show student & alumni work
  • SPORTS DISPLAYS - from past & present
  • CLUBS DISPLAYS - past & present
  • ALUMNI DISPLAYS - for all
  • POETRY CAFÉ - students & alumni
  • The Rambucks Canteen will offer coffee, tea and snacks.
  • 85th Birthday Cake Saturday afternoon

The celebration included DOUGS TALKS (Dynamic Opportunities to Unite Grads & Students), modelled after TED talks, where staff, students or alumni shared a passion or topic dear to their hearts. 

Jack Lowther, past MD teacher & principal 1954-1979
Fossilized Material Delivered by a Fossil 


John Wilson, 1984
The Power of Giving Back


Lizzy Blundon, MD 2005 class
The Brain Without Behavior: Current Issues in the Assessment of Consciousness


John Sumner, teacher & students
Aviation Takes off at Mount Doug


Rob Wager, 1978
Shares His GMO Research


Stef Barber, 2002
How a Mud Puddle Changed the Direction of My Life


Dave Cowen, 1984
The Power of Collaboration


Shawn Boulding, current Principal
Technology in the Classroom


Justin Lo, 2017, Kiki Xiao, 2019 & Daniela Velasquez, 2017
B.O.B.A. - the experiences of 3 Mount Doug International Students


Doug Bertram, 1980
Marine Birds Need the Salish Sea

Bernie Kidd Interviews Stan Gill About Track And Field At Mount Doug


Alec Krawciw, 2017
Science Fairs & Graphene - the Next Generation of Printed Circuits


Mount Doug 85th Sextet


Mount Doug 85th Celebration Pictures

85th Celebration Pictures

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the gang


paint in


MD 85th promo poster


Jack L


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