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Seeking a Treasurer

June, 2015 

To whom it may concern: !

This letter is written on behalf of the Mount Doug Alumni Association. We are looking for a treasurer for our active board and wanted to know if your company happens to have any Mt Doug Alum that would be willing to join our board in that capacity.

Our board of directors meets every other month September to June on a Wednesday at 7 pm at Mt Douglas Secondary School in the library.

  1. The role of the treasurer would be:
  2. attend regular board meeting and give a financial report of our funds
  3. attend executive meetings usually a week before our board meetings
  4. monthly reconciliation of bank account
  5. write cheques for expenses & distribute
  6. deposit to bank account any funds received
  7. prepare financial reports for board meetings and our AMG
  8. issue charitable receipts and letters for all donations that come in by mail or at events
  9. liaise with the Victoria Foundation, along with the president, about our bursary funds
  10. complete and submit the annual T3010 return and submit to charities Directorate
  11. generally oversee the financial health of the MDAA

I believe firms such as yours often encourage their employees to be involved in the community and to volunteer and give back in some way. This would be the ideal position to fill that expectation.  If you would like information on what some of our past, present and future projects/events are, feel free to contact me. I would appreciate a reply to this request, one way or the other, after speaking to your staff. Weʼd sincerely welcome them as a director/treasurer to our board.

 Thank you for your time and attention to this request.

Best regards,

Wendy Gedney

MDAA president
c/o Mt Douglas Secondary School
3970 Gordon Head Road
Victoria BC V8N 3X3

Spring Newsletter

AGM on May 13th 7pm MDSS library.

Do come & join us!   Bring a friend. See you there!


Welcome   Mount Doug Alumni Association members to our latest newsletter for you. Happy   Spring! We have a great deal to share as it has been some time since our last   communication with you. Do enjoy our offerings!
Contributors: Dustin Marnell, Communications chair, Vanessa Wheeler,   JoAnn Clar, Gayle McDonald, Shawn Boulding & Wendy Gedney
  Newsletter Contents:
  Page 1 & 2 - Introduction & Presidentʼs message
  Page 3 - Principalʼs message
  Page 4 - Names in the News & Feature Alum Profile
  Page 5 - Did You Know? & other tidbits
  Page 6 - Items for sale, Our Mt Doug Book & Survey Monkey - a quick 1   minute survey, Email address change

  Page 1 - 2
  Presidentʼs Report - 
Hello Mount Doug alumni. It is with   great pleasure we have a Spring newsletter for you to enjoy. Please let me   introduce you to our MDAA board for this year. We have some new and some   returning directors. Our 2014-2015 board members are:
  David Foster ʼ67 - honorary president
  Wendy Gedney ʼ67 - president
  Kirsten Mawle ʼ78 - vice president
  Kevin Sing ʼ77 - past president
  Kelly Orr ʼ78 - secretary/treasurer
  Pat Young ʼ47 - recording secretary
  Shawn Boulding - principal/liaison
  Les Bryan ʼ83 - director
  JoAnn Clar ʼ80 - director
  Bill Conconi ʼ71-ʼ01 - director
  Dustin Marnell ʼ98 - director
  Ross Morgan ʼ68 - director
  Kevin Sing ʼ77 - director
  Vanessa Wheeler ʼ06 - director
  Carol Williams ʼ66 - director
  This is an enthusiastic board with great ideas and a real commitment to   having a successful year. We have 3 active committees: Communications,   Social/Events/Membership and Archives. We look forward to hearing from you   and hope you find this newsletter of interest. Do tell us (see our brief   survey at the end) if there are other items youʼd like to see here as well as   have on our website at
  Wendy Gedney

  Principalʼs Report -
  Dear Alumni;
        Allow me to begin by thanking you   for your ongoing support of Mount Douglas Secondary School and all our staff!   and students. Your executive, board and committee members are to be commended   for all their efforts; whether organizing the school archives, helping   facilitate school reunions, planning fundraising events or just simply   supporting a variety of school activities by being a supportive audience, it   is wonderful to see so many of you engaged in Mount Douglas.
  With the onset of spring there is a new but familiar energy around the   school. This year’s graduating students become increasingly engaged in a   variety of grad events culminating in their graduation ceremony and banquet   this upcoming May. These celebrations are balanced with academic commitments   that will see our students reach their dreams and goals beyond the walls of   Mount Doug. Academically, our students continue to flourish; they are great   examples of the pride and tradition that Mount Douglas has become nationally   known for.
  This spring we have a variety of events we encourage you to come and see.   Whether it is to see our sport’s teams in action, performances by the band or   the musical, “The Music Man”, being held April 16-18 & 23-25, it is   always wonderful to see your familiar faces. Please check out the school’s   website to see our very busy calendar.
  Thank-you once again for being part of our community and for supporting our   school and students.
  Shawn Boulding,
  Principal, Mount Douglas Secondary School

  Names in the News ...
  Linda Johnstone,   ʼ67 class, organizing the Terry Fox Great Canadian Hair Do event again along   with the annual Terry Fox Run September each year at Mile 0... Dean Norris-Jones,   MD staff ʼ83-ʼ88, now VP Reynolds, rode down island in the Tour de Rock for   cancer 2014 ride... Moss   Bruton Joe & Ryley Woodland, ʼ14 class made the finals in   the Stuck at Prom Scholarship contest with their amazing all Duct tape grad   outfits June 2014... David   Smith, ʼ49 class, attending painting and French classes at   Goward House... Peter   Ciceri, ʼ73 class, CEO of Oak Bay Marine Group for a term... Terrell, ʼ12 & Marcus Davis, ʼ14   class, playing for UBC Thunderbirds football teams... Brent Hodge, ʼ03   class, filmmaker, Canadian Screen Award winning director, Tribeca Film   Festival selected his film A Brony Tale picked up by Morgan Spurlock,   directing the Spike/HBO Chris   Farley documentary... Wayne,   ʼ66 &   Jacqui Coulson, ʼ67 grads for participating in their 35th   Transcendence Triathlon at Elk Lake last summer... Matt Conrad, ʼ95,   winning hairstylist, photographer & barber & No. 1 coolest barber on   Instagram... David   Foster, ʼ67, awarded Distinguished Entrepreneur of Year by   UVic... music & a businessman!
  Reunions - Summaries…

        1984 class 30th this past summer was   a big success, as was the 1964 class 50th. Thanks to the organizing   committees! See photos on our website   - under Reunions Past.
  Reunions - Upcoming...
  * This Year: - 1965, 1975 & 1985. See details on the website.
  * Next Year: so far - 1966.
  * Know of any more? If so, let us know. And do you want to get involved?
  Feature Profile -
        Spotlight on Simon Farintosh - MD   class of 2014
  Simon is our 2014 winner of our Len Michaux Bursary Award. We caught up with   him at UVic where he is studying classical guitar in the Faculty of Music.
  How are you liking   music at UVic? Iʼm enjoying the opportunity to learn the   foundations of theory and history of music. Theory is my favourite course.
  Where do you hope to   go with your music education? I hope to earn a higher level   degree while having performance experience. This year I will enter   competitions like the local music festival and the NW Guitar Festival in   Seattle. Iʼm working on an arrangement of Bachʼs 5th Cello Suite which I will   be performing throughout the year.
  What was a highlight   at Mount Doug with your music training there? Being in all of   Doug Awaiʼs classes - a great teacher - and playing many different   instruments. I learned some great jazz skills (eg chord charts) from being in   Jazz band. The $500 Len Michaux Bursary contributed to purchasing music books   and Iʼm very grateful for receiving it.
  Thank you, Mount Doug Alumni.
   - interviewed at UVic by MDAA directors Carol Williams & Wendy   Gedney

  Did you know? - Mount   Doug Secondary School Facts:
  * MDHS when it opened in September 1931 had 66 students enrolled grades 9-12   and 18 graduates in the first class of June 1932.
  * MDHS was almost 40 years on the original campus on Cedar Hill Road opening   (now Cedar Hill Middle School)
  * it moved its current campus to what was Gordon Head Junior High on Gordon   Head Road in 1970
  * MDSS had 276 students grad in the 2014 grad class & a total school   population of 1073 - including 115 international students.
  * This year MDSS has 1,082 students grades 9-12 of which there are   approximately 50 different countries represented.
  Mount Doug   Commemorative Book & History
  Be part of this adventure! Are you good at research? interviewing people?   photography? Why not help out.  This book is a fun project designed to   be sold to raise funds for our alumni association. Let's give back to the   school that brought us to where we are today! Alumni funds go toward   bursaries for future alumni. You never know who you'll meet on our   committees? Reconnect with an old school mate, catch up with a previous   teacher. It's always fun and rewarding! Send us a message to get involved at:

  Check this out!
  Look at our MDAA website at:   - do you see some missing alumni in your class? Do let them know to join up   online ... it is FREE! Do you know a classmate who has achieved greatness?   Tell us about him or her and how to reach them for a possible interview. Send   to:

Changed email   addresses?

You can change your email   address by clicking on the link in the Welcome to the Mount Doug Alumni   message you received when you originally joined or you can use the 'To update   your preferences link' at the bottom of each newsletter you have   received.  Enter in the new email address you want to use on the update   page and submit the changes.  Your membership will revert to the   unconfirmed status and a confirmation email will be resent to the new email   address.  You can then click on the confirm link and the change of   address will be complete.

If   you no longer have access to the email you originally joined with let us know   to update our info so you receive our semi- annual newsletters with ease   & any news bulletins. Email:
  * OBITUARIES   - If you know of a classmate who has died, please send us the name, class   & obituary notice if possible and we will post on your year on the   website. This is helpful information for reunion planning too. Email:
  MD Wear & Special   items for sale
  Have you seen our bargain prices on the 2 types and 4 colours of t-shirts on   our website? Only $10 each. Get them while still in stock.
  Also have you bought your plaque for the bleachers? Only $35. Order online on   our website.
  COMING SOON on our website - a Business/Company Directory of & for any MD   alumni.... FREE! We will let you know when it is finalized.
  We would appreciate a   few moments of your time to complete a quick Survey.
  Please click on:
  Thank you for your feedback.
  - from your Mount Doug Alumni Association

Boys' Basketball

Boys' tasketball tournament this weekend (Feb 27-Mar1) hosted at Mount Doug. Come cheer on the MD boys!

Alumni- Elaine Kao

Hello Everyone. We are currently trying out a new element to our Blog post in which we highlight differnt MD Alumni. This week is Elaine Kao. She has filled out a little survey telling us all a little bit about herself. Elaine is also just opening up a small art studio in Victoria and we here at the alumni association wish her all the best!


1. Name: Elaine Kao
2. Graduation year: 2006
3. Favourite song(s) then/now:
THEN: most things Nsync
NOW: For the First Time in Forever~ Frozen
4. Favourite movie(s) then/now:
THEN: Mulan
NOW: Frozen
5. Most memorable MD moment: Mr.Quast recited Backstreet Boys lyrics like poetry at the beginning of one math class.
6. Most memorable MD teacher: Mr.Hurley because he let me do artwork of my own choice while everyone else did some boring stuff
7. Most difficult part of MD/highschool: Thinking back on high school...nothing was actually that difficult
8. Where do you call home now, what do you enjoy about your home city: I'm back in Victoria! I studied in Vancouver and got a Diploma, then returned to Victoria to finish my BFA, then went to Alberta and just finished my BEd
9. What is your current occupation, please briefly describe: I just completed my Bachelor of Education majoring in Art Ed and minoring in Music Ed so I'm hoping to find a teaching job in Victoria. I also teach piano and ukulele.
10. Favourite part of your occupation: I love working with kids They inspire me.
11. Can MD students/alumni contact you to learn further about your occupation: of course
12. How can we follow/contact you: People can find links and info from my page and also my Dino & Panda Inc facebook page:

MD Girls Basketball Schedule

Please cheer on the Mount Doug girls during their 2015 basketball season. Schedule below:

Thurs, January 8: Claremont @ Mt. Doug, 5:45

Tues, January 13:Oak Bay@ Mt. Doug, 5:45 Double

Tues, January 20: Spectrum @ Mt. Doug, 5:45 Double

Tues, January 27: Mt. Doug @ Belmont,

Thurs, February 5: Stellys @ Oak Bay, 5:45

Tues, February 10: Lower Island Playoffs

February 12-14: Island Playoffs

Fill The Foyer

shopping-cartFill The Foyer is back at Mount Doug December 1 - 12

Let’s all work together to Fill-Our-Foyer with food and NEW toys to make Christmas special for our sponsored families. Each Christmas, Mount Douglas adopts a school with “Families in Need” to provide food for the families and toys for the children. It is an awesome, heartfelt tradition and one we would love to see you support. The Grad Council spearheads this ALL-school and community event but we are asking the help of all staff, students, parents, alumni, clubs and teams to make this food and toy drive a HUGE success.


New Blog Page for the MDA

Welcome to the Mount Doug Alumni Blog page. Periodically we will post here to keep you informed of what the MDA is doing or working on. Please make use of the subscribe form to the right to make sure you do not miss anything, new blog posts will be sent right to your email inbox.

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