Mount Doug Alumni Frequently Asked Questions

1.    I attended Mount Doug but I never actually graduated can I still join?
Yes you can still join! You may have already checked out the join page and noticed that we ask for the "class of" and not the year you graduated.  When you join, choose the class year that you would have been with.

2.     My verification email never arrived what do I do?
The verification email might have been mistakenly tagged as spam.  Check your spam folder or junk email folder to see if the message is there.  There is also a possibility the email was blocked at the server level.  If this is the case you will need to contact the IT department and get them to "whitelist" incoming emails from the mountdougalumni.com domain.  You could also try using an alternate email address.

3.     I signed up but can't see my name on the class list, where is it?
If you cannot see your name listed with your classmates there is a possibility you chose the wrong class year or did not choose one at all.  To correct the error click on the link in the system email that was sent to you for editing your information.  The email subject line was:  "Welcome to the Mount Doug Alumni".

4.     Why does it say I am unconfirmed?
The system labels you as unconfirmed until the verification link in the email that was sent to you has been clicked on.  We need to do this to make sure every membership is a valid one.  If you did not get the verification email see FAQ number 2.

5.    I don't have the emails the system sent me and I want to change my information what do I do?
You can wait until a newsletter arrives from the Alumni Association and then use the link that will be at the bottom of the message to gain access to your information.  Alternately you can go through the join process again, as long as you use the same email address your previous account will be overwritten and new verification emails will be sent.

6.    I don't have an email address but I want to join, what do I do?
The best way to join is with an email address and then you can participate in the alumni community.  You will receive all the newsletters and be kept in the loop about upcoming events. If computers and email are not for you then you can still participate by downloading this form, filling it out and then sending it to Mount Douglas Secondary School.  Please be aware there is no plan at this point to mail out newsletters via Canada Post.  The newsletters are going to be delivered using electronic mail only. 

If you do have access to a computer you can still signup without an email address. Fill out the online form normally, in the email address field use the following convention:


Make sure the extension, the part after the @ sign is exactly as above, this is our marker that this member entry needs to be confirmed manually. 

7.     How do I change my email address?
You can change your email address by clicking on the link in the Welcome to the Mount Doug Alumni message you received when you originally joined or you can use the 'To update your preferences link' at the bottom of each newsletter you have received.  Enter in the new email address you want to use on the update page and submit the changes.  Your membership will revert to the unconfirmed status and a confirmation email will be resent to the new email address.  You can then click on the confirm link and the change of address will be complete.

8.   Why don't I get the newsletters you send out?
There could be multiple reasons why you don't get the newsletters.  Most likely though they are being intercepted by your spam filter.  If you have a spam folder or junk email folder check to see if the meesages are there.  The messages are always sent from the 'thecommittee@mountdougalumni.com'.  If they are there you can create a filter to whitelist messages sent from the committee. 

If it is not the spam filter on your local machine the messages might be blocked at the the server level.  There is a possibility that you can sign into a control panel and turn off spam filtering there. 

Check to make sure that the email you signed up with is still the one you are using, check on your class page. 

If all else fails you can catch up on missed newsletters on the web site newsletters page

9.   Does it cost money to join the Mount Doug Alumni Association?
No it does not cost to join, it is totally free.

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