Dr. Bert Bailey
1939-1969 Eric Forster
Jack Lowther
1979-1986 Wally Russell
1986-1991 Don Neuman
1991-1998 Gloria Metzger
1998-2004 Maeva Sundher
2004-2006 Keith McCallion
2006-2010 John Fawcett
 2011-present  Shawn Boulding

The Summit

summit miniThe Summit was published for a reunion event on May 3, 1969.  The reunion included classes from 1931 to 1959 and coincided with the departure of Eric Forster who had been principal for 30 years.  Thanks to Gerald & Betty Emery (class of 1950) for contributing this great piece of Mount Doug History.


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Time to give back! 

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