Class of 1972 - 50th Grad Reunion

Save The Date! 

Hi fellow grads of Mount Doug 1972. We can’t believe it, but 50 years has passed since we graced those halls!  A few of us are in the process of organizing a 50th reunion and details so far can be found below.

Please help us find the missing grads (list attached)

What ?

Gathering Mount Douglas High School grads of ’72

Where ?

Windsor Park Pavillion, Victoria, B.C.

When ?

Saturday, August 13, 2022 2:00pm to 9:30pm

Who ?

  • Grads of Mount Doug class 1972
  • Mount Doug students from 1971 to 1973 (or others that may have left before graduating, but spent time at Mount Doug with us) (space permitting)
    Guests and/or partners (space permitting)

Why ?

Why Not?!

What we need from you please:

  1. Email address or phone number of missing grads (see attached list) OR, other contact information, if no email or phone number, but you have address, Facebook page, Instagram, postal address, etc.
  2. Email address or phone number of students from other years that you think would be interested in attending (’71 to ’73) (if space permits)
  3. Information on any class members that are no longer with us. (see attached list of known deceased as reference)
  4. Pictures & Memorabilia you are willing to share
  5. Donations for the event by way of prize items or funding.

Class of 1972 Missing (no contact info)

Class of 1972 Deceased

Detailed invitation will follow, with cost. The cost will be determined by number of attendees expected. Payment will be accepted by e-transfer or cheque.
We need to know if you plan to attend please

Deadline for reply March 31st by email to

If anyone else in Victoria is ready, willing, & able to help our committee, please let us know!

MD Class of ’72 – 50th committee members:
Barry Kelly, Janice Logan, Teresa Love, Gayle McDonald, Chris Morley (’73)