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Hello all.
After graduating I moved up Island, got married, had two babies and soon after found myself a single mom. I moved to Vancouver, started modelling and found myself in Japan, then moved to Los Angeles where I continued my modelling and added commercial acting. LA was a bad scene in the late 70's and early 80's and I found it wasn't conducive to a wholesome life, and raising kids, so I moved to Toronto where I was able to build a successful career in modelling/acting. You probably saw me in the Times Colonist ad section for the Bay, Eatons and Sears. I did many commercials and some acting in sit coms and TV specials.

I met my future husband Ted Bednarski in TO, and together, with my two kids, we ventured off to Europe, where we both modelled and travelled extensively with work. Our home bases were in Zurich and Munich, but I was so fortunate to work in places like, London, Milan, Canary Island, Brazil, North Africa, Paris, Spain, and other amazing locations. It was a wonderful few years for all of us. After moving back to Toronto, Ted and I were married and shortly after having our third child we decided to move to Victoria, to be closer to my family. I worked a bit out of Seattle and Vancouver for the first few years but found it daunting to get off the island, and juggle being a mom of two teens and a toddler. So I retired. Since then I have worked briefly in real estate and later I worked as a designer and enjoyed building homes along side contractors and homeowners. So although I had no formal training (at anything) I was able to enjoy a few great years successfully doing this. My motto has always been 'fake it till you make it' , and it seems to have worked for me quite nicely.

I am now enjoying life as an artist. I have FINALLY gotten back to my first love and my passion, which is ART. Although I've only been at it steadily since 2020 I have enjoyed success and more importantly, felt fulfilled and challenged. Oh, and somewhere along the way, Ted and I had a 4th child and 4 grandchildren.

I have been extremely blessed with a beautiful, tight knit family and a gorgeous family home where I have lived for over 30 years now. I'm especially in love with my studio, which Ted built for me, and I spend as much time in there as possible.

Although I only spent one year at Mt. Doug, I have fond memories of high school life in Victoria, and only wish that I had gotten to know more of you.
Blessings to you all,

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