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Cheryl Akenclose, some of the past 50 years…

After graduating in June 1973, I married June 30th, 1973. Turned out to be a horrific error in judgement but did produce 2 daughters one born Feb 10th, 1974, and a second born Sept. 7th, 1976. The marriage lasted 3 weeks short of 5 years and the husband died in a fiery helicopter crash in May of 1997.
I became a single parent in 1978 way before it was popular. I worked at shoppers Drug mart for a few years before joining RJR Macdonald tobacco in 1981. Say what you like about smoking it was a terrific job. In 1990 I joined Investors Group where I retired in 2009.
I traveled extensively, more like adventures than vacations. Some of my favorite places were Tazmania, Australian outback sleeping in swags under the stars, Poland where I visited Auschwitz and the salt mines along with Zakopane. Our own Churchill and watched the Hudson’s Bay freeze and the Polar bears hunt on the ice. Haida Gwaii where they have the most outhouses in the world. South Sulawesi Indonesia not a vacation destination along with Java and Bali. Newfoundland was amazing.
I have 4 grandkids 3 boys and 1 granddaughter ages 22, 20,18, and 14. Everyone is healthy and happy for the most part 2 of the 4 live away at university in Ontario and Alberta.

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